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At least the Rats won’t leave me

Getting a lot of negitive feedback when I complain on Facebook about my four month long rat problem here in the projects. Well maybe if I had some money or a car I could get the help I needed. However the Housing Authority says over and over that they are working on the problem. Which they are. Even though its just bandaids for the problem. Like plugging up holds with this can o foam that they LOVE to chew through! Maintence is here everyday to check on the traps that the RATS are too smart to eat the damn Peanut butter.

There’s nothing I can do at this point. Maybe it IS because Im lazy. I DO NOT want to move. Now it would be a WHOLE NEW STORY if Julia was sick or if she got bitten or scratched…. which she hasn’t been. Neither have I. I guess my other objective is to NOT COMPLAIN on FACEBOOK! Because people will think you are a bad mother to subject your child to this. Besides they mostly come out at night and downstairs…. my daughters bedroom door and mine are closed at night. Of course they could sneak in under the doors… but now it’s not an issue.

More news on the woman next door…. she now has bed bugs AND feeds the rats to her kids. Yet can’t be evicted.