The One Time I Try to Be An Adult to Other People’s Kids

I hate disipling other people’s children. Couldn’t even do it to my sisters kids! I did it today. My child went to bed quite early at 5pm. (I try to get her to stay up til 6pm but she was rubbing her eyes and gets all excited when you tell her its night time. Weird child) After I put her into bed I went to my neighbor who lives in the same building but one apartment over. Julia is safe in her crib and I lock the front door. Some see it as abandoning my child…. its either spend time with adults or sit in my living room while rats are chewing my walls.

I was playing Candy Crush on my Kindle when I hear an unusual commotion outside. I open the back door and all the kids are standing and my neighbors friends kid is on the ground. I asked what happened and I guess this kids sister was jumping on him. I check the kid and he didn’t want to talk to me. (These kids can be ill-mannered) I went to his sister who is four years old and told her to gi into the house (Ive learned this from my neighbor and her father when she doesn’t behave.) She looks into my eyes and tells me “I dont have to listen to you. You’re not my mother!” I told her I understand that but Im an adult and if she doesn’t like it then I’ll get her father. I went around front and her father was talking to a neighbor and I told him the situation. That his son is upset and in the house and what his daughter had said. He called for his daughter and told her not to talk to me or any adult that way. She was bawling and screaming “Im sorry!”. His son was fighting with my neighbors son who is two years older than him but looks up to him as a big brother.

So both his kids are crying in the house. My neighbor was food shopping. Her son comes inside and hits his friend on top of the head with a football HARD! No reason to do it. Although he said he HAD a reason. Kids fight and bicker…. but Im not used to how boys fight. Both my brothers passed away before I was born and I was friends with girls growing up. Before the night was out they were friends again. Now that I know…. I would fight with my friends be sooooo pissed off yet five minutes later we were playing together again.

Friends daughter came over to me “I’m sorry for not listening, Sheila.” and she hugged me.

All is good in the Projects once again.


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