Most of my furniture is moved into the new apartment. I got free furniture from Mission Of Deeds. They help furnish houses for people with low income or people who lost all their belongings in a fire.

I did some food shopping. Including a bag of Tostitos and a pack of ten boxes of one serving cereal. Well a rat or rats helped themselves to all my food and left their waste behind.

Beyond nasty.

I had to wait in the apartment for Verizon to hook up my cable and Internet. I refused to go into the kitchen. I called maintance. They said they were to set traps and I had to vacate the apt. Gladly. Another headache.

On the bright side, ive met an amazing man on Facebook. He is very good looking, makes me smile, is very smart, loves me for me, wants to start a family with me, we talk twice a day everyday. We skype. Sadly he resides in India and goes to university. I want so much to hold him, make love to him. I miss him all the time. But I continue to wait for us to be together. I’m in love.


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