Almost Moving Day!

So my room looks like a shaken snowglobe. Stuff is literally EVERYWHERE! However nothing made it into any boxes…. This could be a problem. Ah well no main issue there. We still need to sign the lease and CLEAN! I need to spray for bugs, wash the range and the fridge. I doubt Housing will do that. They said they would re-do the flooring and re-paint the walls. Oh and get the mold out of the tub. (I spotted that one) Then I have to measure the windows for treatments and the floors for room carpeting. It will take a while to be all settled. I’ll make it nice and cozy!

So to update a little about past posts. I relented and opened up one of my Facebook accounts. JUST ONE. Twitter is still deactivated as well as my second Facebook account. I have to remember people still want to see pictures of Julia. Like Kens sisters for example. Plus I have a few very dear long distance friends. I don’t know when I’ll have the internet installed at the house. My sister told me basic basic cable is like fifteen dollars a month. That’s doable. Internet will be the biggest expanse. However I’m going to need it to talk to the cutest guy in all of India! 😉 As far as that guy I met from Melrose, Karan, lets just say I won’t be seeing him anymore. I met him twice. The third time I invited him over he demanded he “get something” for his travels. Yeah sorry. NOT HAPPENING!

The big news story in these parts are of The New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernadez. He was an awesome asset to the team. Brady and him connected as good as him and Welker. Not only is Aarons NFL career over, he is in jail. For Murder. He supposedly murdered his fiance’s sisters boyfriend over a week ago. Then dumped his body onto a construction site. A rental car was in his name. Not only did this come out….but he is being looked at for a double homicide that happened last July. Unbelievable! No idea how this will pan out…


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