RIP Social Media.

Well for me anyway. I decided to delete two of my Facebook accounts along with my Twitter account. I was too entralled with everything that I found my daughter getting frustrated everytime I pulled out my beloved Kindle. I was choosing Facebook over my daughter.

Besides what is social media really for? Stalking. Whether you like to admit it or not, we stalk our friends, our co-workers, but mostly lover’s or past lover’s. Or we just LOVE talking about ourselves so much. Who really cares what your kids did or what drink you had at the local watering hole? Thanks for the pictures!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also guilty. I posted non stop about Julia. She is one and does something new daily. Or I would rant on and on about the newest thing her father did/said to piss me off. I ran to the computer to spew….drama.

Well I’m done! I didn’t just deactivate, I permanently deleted. (As long as I don’t relog on in fourteen days). However if you look me up one account still exsists. I had a lock on it using my cell phone. You could only log on with a text passcode. However being with no job I failed to pay T-Mobile and I no longer have that number. So hence I can’t log in to delete the account! I guess I’ll have to contact Facebook for them to go inside to delete it.

Another factor is that I’m moving. I got approved for public housing. I sign the lease a week from Monday. Julia and I are getting our own place! I’m over the moon excited! My mom is also super excited as she wanted me out. She went on a shopping spree at Macys and bought me a brand new bed in a bag, toaster oven, kettle, silverware. She is also looking for a good deal on pots and pans. Ive been getting things here and there for decorating.

So cable and Internet will not be at my fingertips as it is at my moms. She will cancel her Internet service as soon as I’m gone. Public housing pays for heat and hot water but I’ll be responsible for electricity and so fourth. Someone in housing said it was one forty a month…. no way. It’ll give me more time with Julia. Worse comes to worse I’ll pick up a cheap Tv on and a DVD player so Julia has something to watch.

It will be just walks, playing, books and scrapbooking! Along with cooking, cleaning and laundry.

And of course having Mom bring me papers to look for jobs!!


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