Dipping a toe back into the dating pool.

I decided to put an ad up on craigslist. I want to date Indians again. They are respectful, family oriented, overly kind, not to mention totally hot!!!! I love the brown skin and the accent….oh boy… YUM!

Got lots of responses. I had to weed them out. Some looking for a descreet relationship aside from their wives. Some just talked about sex.

Anyways I met one guy. Told him to drive over as my mother is out and he did. He is a little young, 26, still in school. Very handsome and we plan to hang out in the future.

Now Ken is over and really got me seething!!! I mentioned this guy, not by name or anything and he gets all up in my face about it. Sure I probably mentioned it to get arise out of him. To make him see that other people were interested in me. As he always tells me people, especially men, are always running from me than towards me. So yes I tend to make things blow up in my face most times. When he made the comment “Remember, Sheila, I don’t care about you. You could go outside and spread your legs….” He trailed off. That didn’t need to be said. When I tell my mom she blows up at me. No one is ever on my side. Guess I shouldn’t expect my mother to do anything either since I got bullied in high school and she didn’t help me out then either.

When I get my own place things will be different. I will take him back to court for every other weekend and not see him any other times than that. I’m sick of him and his comments. Then I can have my break as well. However he may fight that because he only wants to be a father when he wants.

Maybe I’m the one with bi polar as we can fight like this and I brush it off and ask him to come over because I’m bored.

Ken is outside with mom and I bet he is going to say how I met this guy when she wasn’t home just to get my mother to turn on me. He’s done it before. Come on, you’re going to be fifty in three weeks. Who needs to grow up?!


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