The One Time I Try to Be An Adult to Other People’s Kids

I hate disipling other people’s children. Couldn’t even do it to my sisters kids! I did it today. My child went to bed quite early at 5pm. (I try to get her to stay up til 6pm but she was rubbing her eyes and gets all excited when you tell her its night time. Weird child) After I put her into bed I went to my neighbor who lives in the same building but one apartment over. Julia is safe in her crib and I lock the front door. Some see it as abandoning my child…. its either spend time with adults or sit in my living room while rats are chewing my walls.

I was playing Candy Crush on my Kindle when I hear an unusual commotion outside. I open the back door and all the kids are standing and my neighbors friends kid is on the ground. I asked what happened and I guess this kids sister was jumping on him. I check the kid and he didn’t want to talk to me. (These kids can be ill-mannered) I went to his sister who is four years old and told her to gi into the house (Ive learned this from my neighbor and her father when she doesn’t behave.) She looks into my eyes and tells me “I dont have to listen to you. You’re not my mother!” I told her I understand that but Im an adult and if she doesn’t like it then I’ll get her father. I went around front and her father was talking to a neighbor and I told him the situation. That his son is upset and in the house and what his daughter had said. He called for his daughter and told her not to talk to me or any adult that way. She was bawling and screaming “Im sorry!”. His son was fighting with my neighbors son who is two years older than him but looks up to him as a big brother.

So both his kids are crying in the house. My neighbor was food shopping. Her son comes inside and hits his friend on top of the head with a football HARD! No reason to do it. Although he said he HAD a reason. Kids fight and bicker…. but Im not used to how boys fight. Both my brothers passed away before I was born and I was friends with girls growing up. Before the night was out they were friends again. Now that I know…. I would fight with my friends be sooooo pissed off yet five minutes later we were playing together again.

Friends daughter came over to me “I’m sorry for not listening, Sheila.” and she hugged me.

All is good in the Projects once again.


At least the Rats won’t leave me

Getting a lot of negitive feedback when I complain on Facebook about my four month long rat problem here in the projects. Well maybe if I had some money or a car I could get the help I needed. However the Housing Authority says over and over that they are working on the problem. Which they are. Even though its just bandaids for the problem. Like plugging up holds with this can o foam that they LOVE to chew through! Maintence is here everyday to check on the traps that the RATS are too smart to eat the damn Peanut butter.

There’s nothing I can do at this point. Maybe it IS because Im lazy. I DO NOT want to move. Now it would be a WHOLE NEW STORY if Julia was sick or if she got bitten or scratched…. which she hasn’t been. Neither have I. I guess my other objective is to NOT COMPLAIN on FACEBOOK! Because people will think you are a bad mother to subject your child to this. Besides they mostly come out at night and downstairs…. my daughters bedroom door and mine are closed at night. Of course they could sneak in under the doors… but now it’s not an issue.

More news on the woman next door…. she now has bed bugs AND feeds the rats to her kids. Yet can’t be evicted.

Depressed? Me? Never.

Went for my yearly physcial yesterday. Was all excited to have this new cute doctor examining me. I should ask how old he is because he is either my age or younger. He is not even a doctor… I think a doctor assistant? Nurse Practioner? Not too sure. Says “PAC” after his name on my medication bottle… Anyways. I need to lose weight. I knew that going in. As I sit here chugging Root Beet and some Oreos. :-p

I told him that two days ago, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was a shock. It hasn’t hit me the way I thought it would yet. It’s treatable and she is to have a lumpectomy in the next week or so. She had a Mammogram and they found a lump. So my doctor told me I need to make an appointment with the Breat Center to see if I have the gene that is more apt that I would get cancer. My list of things to do keeps getting longer.

He also noticed I was more depressed than normal. Ive been again fighting with Ken which is normal. But the weight of my mothers health and I told him about Sagar and how he is all the way in India. So he upped my medication. He said I need to see a therapist. Sigh. Ive been seeing them on and off since my father died. Some help but now that Im older it seems useless.

I have noticed I’ve been crying a lot. Usually over Sagar not being here. I love this boy so much. I do want him here. Sometimes it hits him hard too. Last night he wanted me there so bad he started to cry. When he tells me things like that then I start to cry AGAIN. Its going to be forever til he gets here. There is the issue of a visa. Its not an easy task of obtaining. There is a fiance visa but that costs money and you have to at least meet once in 2 years before summitting paperwork. So that is out of the question.

Oh and one more stressful event is August 27th. Ken is taking me back to court over child support. He wants to pay less. Who cares if he gets it or not. Its just a hassle getting to and from the courthouse. Which is in Cambridge, Mass. Not looking forward to that either.

On the homefront, there have been no signs of rats. THANK GOD! So all the holes have been plugged up. So I cooked my first cooked meal last night from a cookbook a friend gave me. Chicken, Broccoli Linguini. Came out pretty good. Still got leftevers. 🙂




Most of my furniture is moved into the new apartment. I got free furniture from Mission Of Deeds. They help furnish houses for people with low income or people who lost all their belongings in a fire.

I did some food shopping. Including a bag of Tostitos and a pack of ten boxes of one serving cereal. Well a rat or rats helped themselves to all my food and left their waste behind.

Beyond nasty.

I had to wait in the apartment for Verizon to hook up my cable and Internet. I refused to go into the kitchen. I called maintance. They said they were to set traps and I had to vacate the apt. Gladly. Another headache.

On the bright side, ive met an amazing man on Facebook. He is very good looking, makes me smile, is very smart, loves me for me, wants to start a family with me, we talk twice a day everyday. We skype. Sadly he resides in India and goes to university. I want so much to hold him, make love to him. I miss him all the time. But I continue to wait for us to be together. I’m in love.

Almost Moving Day!

So my room looks like a shaken snowglobe. Stuff is literally EVERYWHERE! However nothing made it into any boxes…. This could be a problem. Ah well no main issue there. We still need to sign the lease and CLEAN! I need to spray for bugs, wash the range and the fridge. I doubt Housing will do that. They said they would re-do the flooring and re-paint the walls. Oh and get the mold out of the tub. (I spotted that one) Then I have to measure the windows for treatments and the floors for room carpeting. It will take a while to be all settled. I’ll make it nice and cozy!

So to update a little about past posts. I relented and opened up one of my Facebook accounts. JUST ONE. Twitter is still deactivated as well as my second Facebook account. I have to remember people still want to see pictures of Julia. Like Kens sisters for example. Plus I have a few very dear long distance friends. I don’t know when I’ll have the internet installed at the house. My sister told me basic basic cable is like fifteen dollars a month. That’s doable. Internet will be the biggest expanse. However I’m going to need it to talk to the cutest guy in all of India! 😉 As far as that guy I met from Melrose, Karan, lets just say I won’t be seeing him anymore. I met him twice. The third time I invited him over he demanded he “get something” for his travels. Yeah sorry. NOT HAPPENING!

The big news story in these parts are of The New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernadez. He was an awesome asset to the team. Brady and him connected as good as him and Welker. Not only is Aarons NFL career over, he is in jail. For Murder. He supposedly murdered his fiance’s sisters boyfriend over a week ago. Then dumped his body onto a construction site. A rental car was in his name. Not only did this come out….but he is being looked at for a double homicide that happened last July. Unbelievable! No idea how this will pan out…

RIP Social Media.

Well for me anyway. I decided to delete two of my Facebook accounts along with my Twitter account. I was too entralled with everything that I found my daughter getting frustrated everytime I pulled out my beloved Kindle. I was choosing Facebook over my daughter.

Besides what is social media really for? Stalking. Whether you like to admit it or not, we stalk our friends, our co-workers, but mostly lover’s or past lover’s. Or we just LOVE talking about ourselves so much. Who really cares what your kids did or what drink you had at the local watering hole? Thanks for the pictures!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also guilty. I posted non stop about Julia. She is one and does something new daily. Or I would rant on and on about the newest thing her father did/said to piss me off. I ran to the computer to spew….drama.

Well I’m done! I didn’t just deactivate, I permanently deleted. (As long as I don’t relog on in fourteen days). However if you look me up one account still exsists. I had a lock on it using my cell phone. You could only log on with a text passcode. However being with no job I failed to pay T-Mobile and I no longer have that number. So hence I can’t log in to delete the account! I guess I’ll have to contact Facebook for them to go inside to delete it.

Another factor is that I’m moving. I got approved for public housing. I sign the lease a week from Monday. Julia and I are getting our own place! I’m over the moon excited! My mom is also super excited as she wanted me out. She went on a shopping spree at Macys and bought me a brand new bed in a bag, toaster oven, kettle, silverware. She is also looking for a good deal on pots and pans. Ive been getting things here and there for decorating.

So cable and Internet will not be at my fingertips as it is at my moms. She will cancel her Internet service as soon as I’m gone. Public housing pays for heat and hot water but I’ll be responsible for electricity and so fourth. Someone in housing said it was one forty a month…. no way. It’ll give me more time with Julia. Worse comes to worse I’ll pick up a cheap Tv on and a DVD player so Julia has something to watch.

It will be just walks, playing, books and scrapbooking! Along with cooking, cleaning and laundry.

And of course having Mom bring me papers to look for jobs!!

Dipping a toe back into the dating pool.

I decided to put an ad up on craigslist. I want to date Indians again. They are respectful, family oriented, overly kind, not to mention totally hot!!!! I love the brown skin and the accent….oh boy… YUM!

Got lots of responses. I had to weed them out. Some looking for a descreet relationship aside from their wives. Some just talked about sex.

Anyways I met one guy. Told him to drive over as my mother is out and he did. He is a little young, 26, still in school. Very handsome and we plan to hang out in the future.

Now Ken is over and really got me seething!!! I mentioned this guy, not by name or anything and he gets all up in my face about it. Sure I probably mentioned it to get arise out of him. To make him see that other people were interested in me. As he always tells me people, especially men, are always running from me than towards me. So yes I tend to make things blow up in my face most times. When he made the comment “Remember, Sheila, I don’t care about you. You could go outside and spread your legs….” He trailed off. That didn’t need to be said. When I tell my mom she blows up at me. No one is ever on my side. Guess I shouldn’t expect my mother to do anything either since I got bullied in high school and she didn’t help me out then either.

When I get my own place things will be different. I will take him back to court for every other weekend and not see him any other times than that. I’m sick of him and his comments. Then I can have my break as well. However he may fight that because he only wants to be a father when he wants.

Maybe I’m the one with bi polar as we can fight like this and I brush it off and ask him to come over because I’m bored.

Ken is outside with mom and I bet he is going to say how I met this guy when she wasn’t home just to get my mother to turn on me. He’s done it before. Come on, you’re going to be fifty in three weeks. Who needs to grow up?!